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We have over 20 years of experience providing expert advice to schools. Our Restorative Practices Team has decades of industry expertise in improving school climate. The training and support to site-level and district administrators, school psychologists, social workers, school counselors, and district level research and school improvement divisions have been captured in these amazing courses. 

These courses help schools and districts improve school climate and lift achievement outcomes. Course participants will learn how to divert students from out-of-school consequences.

Our courses help facilitators run restorative tribunals and circles. They also help leaders work effectively with the teachers who – due to fractured classroom relationships – rely on out-of-school consequences to redirect problematic behaviors. The learning in these courses will help schools and districts establish the pillars that ensure long-term  success in school communities. Don't delay. Get started today. 

University credit available for successfully completing each course. 

What everyone is saying!

A Must For A Schoolwide Discipline Shift

by Dr. Susan U.

Dr. Zac Robbins takes us on his personal journey of turning around discipline behaviors at his high school in Las Vegas, Nevada. He provides us with real experiences while intertwining historical events to help readers understand the systemic structures that have been the foundation of the education system without placing any blame and providing the solution to at least one distinctive problem: the high rate of suspensions and expulsions of black students. Dr. Robbins' Restorative Justice Tribunal is a simple yet comprehensive reflection process that allows students to have a voice and see how their behavior impacts their school community.

Walk the talk of restorative practices !

by Ramona E.

Dr. Zachary Robbins is that equitable leader that ‘walked the talk’ of restorative practices within his school community. Leading restorative community circles, tribunals, and repairing any harm through rebuilding relationships within the community was his daily practice which yielded improved student academic outcomes and a student-centered culture focused on positive relationships.

Transformative Work!

by Jennifer L.

Dr. Robbins walks the talk - he fully engages with the transformative work necessary to effectively grow the foundation of restorative justice in education while honoring the diverse lenses of students, families, teachers, and administrators. Dr. Robbins has spent the time and cognitive, emotional, and spiritual energy thinking and learning how best to support restorative justice in our education system.


By Gerald R.

I am inspired by the way he documented our efforts to develop a successful restorative justice program. I was so moved by his mentorship that I created my own consulting company offering restorative practice services. His book, “Restorative Justice Tribunal” is a great memoir of his work in Nevada with the Clark County School District. If it were not for Dr. Robbins, I would not be in the position I am in today.

Keep All Students in School!

By Alea H.

Dr. Robbins' book, Restorative Justice Tribunal, is written to inform educators and allow students the opportunity to continue to learn while being taught how to navigate rules and the structures of the educational setting. In addition, this book shares the importance of restoring relationships for "all" parties and keeping students in school.

Thank you for all you have done for us!

By Marie D.

Dr. Zac Robbins is not only a highly accomplished restorative practices practitioner and expert. He is also a renowned author and speaker on restorative justice. Bringing his years of practical experience creating, developing, and implementing RJ in the Clark County School District, the Nevada Department of Education was honored to have Dr. Robbins as a contract provider working with our Nevada school leaders and administrators in providing exceptional coaching and mentoring to advance this important and invaluable work and making a difference in the lives of our students, educators, and families. Thank you for all that you have done for Nevada. You will be greatly missed.

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